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Founding Partner | Design Director

Ioulietta Zindrou | Architect

Born in 1981, a registered architect in TEE-TCG [GR] and COAC [ES]. She holds a Master in Advaned Architecture (2006) from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Cataluña in Barcelona and a Master in Photography and Design (2010) from Elisava school of design, university of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Previously she has studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and the Ecole d’ Achitecture la Villete, in Paris. Ioulietta has worked among others for ACTAR Architecture and Guallart architects in Barcelona. She has lived and worked in Paris, Barcelona, San Francisco and Peru. Her architectural work has been published and exhibited internationally. She is curently living in Athens leading ahylo architecture. She believes that people will always want to experience unique and exciting architectural environments’ for this to happen boundaries must be challenged.

contact ioulietta at [email protected]


Myrto Thanasi | Architect

Born in 1990, a registered architect in TEE-TCG [GR]. She holds a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning (2020) and a degree in Architecture (2015) from National Technical University of Athens. Mytro has worked among others for HS Architekten located in Berlin. She is currently living in Athens and holds the position of project Architect for ahylo.

contact myrto at [email protected]


Former Partners

Ezio Blasetti | Architect
Pavlos Xanthopoulos | Architect

Past Collaborators

Katerina Mpoulougoura | Architect
Sevastiana Konstaki | Architect
Evridiki Mavriki | Architect
Mariangela Asimina | Architect
Luis Vera | Architect
Daphne Lada | Architect
Grammatiki Zamani | Architect
Georgia Voudouri | Architect
Panagiotis Lianos | Architect