workshop in meteora

Designed by ahylo studio
Construction by ahylo studio
Location: Meteora | Greece
Year: 2004 – 2008

The present project is dealing with the metallic extension (1070m2) of a local factory (620m2) in order to accommodate new offices and administration session, wholesale storage session and a new production unit with high technology machinery such as laser cutter, cnc machines etc.

The dominant designing challenges were:
_to guarantee the structural compatibility between the old concrete structure and the new metallic extension.
_to organize working spaces and sub spaces in a big open industrial space
_to provide a spatial and structural flexibility in further extensions and spatial mutations for the working spaces that will probably appear due to constant transformation of the production.
_to provide spatial and economical convenience.

The space is divided in 4 basic sessions:
A. An open working space with sub spaces for painting cabin, laser cutter (heavy machinery), plotting and editing (lighter machinery), which was organized by mapping and following the production line.
B. An open storage space divided into pure storage and wholesale store, was organized in selves structures by mapping the relations and the optimal position of the products
C. An attic and vertical divisions organize 2 basic offices, accounts department, and reception in the floor and open office space and archive in the attic. In the ground floor the central entrance is linked to a product exhibition and leads openly to the offices in the upper floor.
D. kitchen and w.c. area. Ground floor: kitchen-restaurant and w.c. corresponds to the production area. Upper floor: kitchen-bar and w.c. corresponds to the office and storage area.

During the construction we divided the process in stages and sub-stages in order to achieve the independent function for the production part of the workshop, constantly during the construction. This strategy ensured economical stability and spatial flexibility for the workshop.

There were 5 stages of completion with independent timetables and budgets.
1st: The metallic construction and completion of the sections ‘production’ and ‘storage’
2nd: Swap of the production space and renovation of the existing building.
3rd: Construction of the offices section and interior design of the offices
4th: Landscape design of the exterior
5th: Implantation of solar panels for the energetic sufficiency of the production

This project constitutes a great challenge and experience as it turned out to be a constant problem solving and problem managing situation in terms of structural compatibility, structural and design matters, space requirements. It has been a constantly changing project as the company and the space requirements were growing and transformed during the design and construction process