Ahylo derives from the Greek prefix [a] and [υλη-hyle], the matter. A direct translation would be immaterial, however it should be conceived as an idea additional to matter. The ontology of events and processes, allows the material and immaterial to be interrelated and integrated in ceaseless dynamism. Ahylo refers to the organisation of matter; it refers to process. It is ahylo what shapes hyle.


Ahylo Architects

Ahylo studio is an architectural design practice based in Athens, that operates in every stage of the design process from concept to construction. Through algorithmic and material processes of self-organisation, we seek to develop design methodologies that foment the behaviour of non-linear systems. We experiment on contemporary techniques in design and construction and our work aims to be innovative, economical, and functional.


Ahylo Fab

Ahylo fab is a design research laboratory that experiments with different materials and design technics. Complex geometries and experimental material use are passing through a specific experimental procedure before they can be used for the actual studios projects. It aims to support every project delivery all the way through its’ final execution.