minimal srf I – sphinx

Designed by ahylo studio
Construction by Cartesius 3D
Design team: Ioulietta Zindrou, Ezio Blassetti, Pavlos Xanthopoulos
Dimensions: 3.60m x 1.60m | h:1.16m
Photographs by Ioulietta Zindrou, Mauricio Cordova
Special thanks to Dionysia Daskalaki
Year: 2011
Minimal I – Sphinx is a free standing installation. Algorithmic design processes allow for the genetic growth of complex form(s), with the use of simple syntactic rules. Tension and gravity are forcing the mean curvature towards zero and the surfaces tend to become minimal. The mathematical curves are adjusted to the human body proportions, in order to welcome many different sitting positions. It is a piece of art that can function as a sitting element and remain open for any future affect.