Vol.19 2013

International Review of Interior Design

Fareast Design Editors Inc.

Printed in Japan

Editor : Gunshiro Matsumoto

Project publication pages 62-65


Issue 09. Mar/Apr 2013

Creative Commercial Space + Concept

Chois Publishing | USA, China

Printed in China

Editors : Yolanda Zhang, Hidom Guo, Cynthia Xu, Frida Guo

Project publication page 19


April 2013

Greek Architecture Yearbook

Published by Prodromos Papadopoulos

Printed in Greece

Editor : Georgios Panetsos

Project publication pages 54-55

Ellinikes Kataskeves

No 174 - February 2013

Greek Review of Architectural Design and Construction

Published by Nikos Tzigkounakis

Printed in Greece

Editor : Panagiotis Tsakopoulos

Project publication pages 102-103

Maison Decoration

No 123 - November 2012

Greek Review of Interior Design and Architecture

Project publication

Apomechanes, Non-Linear Computational Design Strategies

January 2011

Review of Apomechanes workshops 2009 and 2010

Published by Harry Tzanis

Printed in Greece

Editors : Ezio Blasetti, Pavlos Xanthopoulos, Ioulietta Zindrou

l'Arca magazine

No 264 - December 2010

Printed in Italy

Office Profile Publication

Online | 19th November 2012 | interview on ahylo, featuring studio’s and lab’s projects | 21st of June 2011 read the interview | 18th November 2012

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