otn house



Designed by ahylo studio
Construction by ahylo studio
Photographs by Vassilis Goumas
Location: Vouliagmeni | Athens | Greece
Site: 445 sqm | Building: 110 sqm
Year: 2004 – 2006

The initial idea based on which otn house was designed was to interconnect indoors with outdoors in order to combine them in one unique housing unit with many different space qualities.
Two trees were enshrined on their original location and directed the design of the new house. The two axes that we used along with the golden section analogies were driven by the location of these trees.
The first axe was used to define the entrance and all the vertical movements (staircase, elevator) and its’ direction is inspired by the position of the old daphne tree while the second one was used to introduce the concept of water on the site and its’ direction is again inspired by the other tree that we enshrined, an araucaria.
This way the house was separated into three unities at the ground level:
+The master bedroom with its own bathroom
+The kitchen with the living room and
+The salon.

This unit separation is also evident at the roofs of the house.
The walls create spaces with the intention to deconstruct the mass of the house, and let it become part of the garden (nature) and the swimming pool (water). In some cases they form openings so allow the movement from inside out while in others they en-frame the garden’s views or the sea views