froyo yogurteria

plan for site_810

Designed by ahylo studio
Design Team: Pavlos Xanthopoulos, Ioulietta Zindrou
Graphic Design: asprimera
Location: Greece
Client: Froyo yogurteria
Year: 2012

Architectural branding held for ‘froyo yogurteria’ company in order to develop a franchise based plan for a commercial chain. The main design goal emphasized on a clean and pure architectural proposal, in order to highlight the product (frozen yogurt) and its characteristic features.

Form finding processes of the customised geometries are following simple cosine functions that generate a set of algorithmic relationships. In terms of design, topological correlations apply varying parameters as appropriate metrics to spatial adjustment in each froyo yogurteria store. The uniqueness of each store is obtained with the different handling of the implementation of these correlations. The flexibility over the choice of the material and the fabrication process, makes every individual store unique while at the same time following the algorithmic set of rules of the branded strategy.